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Peperoncino, che passione ! Catalogo di specie e varietà di peperoncino piccante

CAP 1474 (C.baccatum var pendulum)

CAP1474 from Institute of Plant genetics and Cultivated Plant research (IPK) di Gatersleben (Germany).
No doubt this nice C.baccatum belongs to the pendulum subspecies ...
Pods have a very long petiole and are themselves long up to 20 cm.
Flower is classical for Baccatum, white with greenish spots.
Plant grew up to 1,50 m with long and thin branches loaded with quite heavy pods; despite the weak look, plant tolerates well the wind.

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Accession descriptors
1.5.1 Genus Capsicum  
1.5.2 Species baccatum  
1.5.3 Subspecies pendulum  
1.5.4 Botanical variety CAP 1474  
Seedling descriptors Hypocotyl colour Hypocotyl pubescence Cotyledonous leaf colour Cotyledonous leaf shape  
Plant descriptors Stem colour Nodal anthocyanin Stem pubescence Plant height [cm] Plant growth habit  
Leaf descriptors Leaf colour upper side    
  Leaf colour lower side Leaf shape Leaf pubescence  
Inflorescence descriptors Days to flowering Number of flowers per axil Flower position Corolla colour Corolla spot colour Corolla shape Anthers colour Calyx margin Calyx annular constriction  
Fruit descriptors Days to fruiting Fruit colour at intermediate stage Fruit colour at mature stage Fruit shape Fruit length [cm] Fruit width [cm] Fruit shape at blossom end Fruit cross-sectional corrugation Fruit surface    
Seed descriptors
7.3.1 Seed colour    
7.4 Notes